Understanding Ultrasound Physics


Understanding Ultrasound Physics

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Author: Sidney K. Edelman
Publisher: ESP, INC.  
Published 2012-07
ISBN: 9780962644450

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Dr. Edelman's masterwork evolves in his 4th edition - bringing you the definitive guidance to successfully understand ultrasound physics. The scope of coverage, versatile educational approach and user-friendly format make this the ultimate text for both the student and practicing sonographer. The thoroughly revised Fourth Edition reflects recent changes in registry exam content as well as technology in the field. Highlights include over 350 full color illustrations and photos; detailed discussions on the optimization of color flow Doppler; and information on all of the new topics on the 2012 SPI physics exam outline. Subjects: coded excitation, conogrpher in the clinical setting; compounding - frequency, spatial & temporal, elastography and more! The text includes FREE ACCESS for two weeks to a full length, computer-based practice exam on ESP's innovative website, the X-Zone.