Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapeutics: Abridged and Updated - Frishman, Sica 9781935395522

Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapeutics - Abridged
Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapeutics - Abridged

Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapeutics: Abridged and Updated - Frishman, Sica 9781935395522

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Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapeutics: Abridged and Updated

Editors: William H. Frishman; and Domenic A. Sica

Product Details:
Published November 2011
ISBN: 9781935395522
Trim Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
616 pages
Format: Paperback

Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapeutics: Abridged and Updated provides current, on-the-spot information on how to use every approved cardiovascular drug in adults and children, and the scientific rationale for their clinical use. A clinical distillation of the editors' comprehensive and highly respected Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapeutics 3rd edition textbook, this treatment-centered abridgement features:

  • Indications, contraindications, dosage, side effects, pharmacokinetics, and adverse reactions for all approved cardiovascular drugs, including the newest therapeutic agents to become available
  • Rationales and usage guidelines for therapeutic strategies
  • Abundant tables and charts that summarize important clinical choices
  • Handy appendices that review approved uses of cardiovascular agents and their pharmacologic characteristics
  • Considerations for managing patients on multi-drug regimens
  • Details on drug-drug interactions
  • Updated information on alternative medicine approaches to cardiovascular disease


This book is an abridged and updated version of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapeutics. Compared to the hardcover 3rd edition, it excludes part 1 (with the exception of the first chapter), includes all of part 2, excludes part 3 (with the exception of chapters 30 and 31), and includes appendices 1 and 2; appendices 3-8 are excluded. 

Note that bibliographic references are not listed in the book but are available below in the form of downloadable PDFs:


William H. Frishman, MD, MACP; Barbara and William Rosenthal Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine Chairman, and Professor of Pharmacology, New York Medical College; Director of Medicine, Westchester Medical Center, Valhalla, New York

Domenic A. Sica, MD; Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology, Chairman, Section of Clinical Pharmacology and Hypertension, Division of Nephrology, Virginia Commonwealth University


Amit Keswani,  MD(Ochsner Clinic Foundation)

This is the third edition of an abridged review of current cardiovascular drug therapies.

This more portable version provides updated and comprehensive information on the use of drug therapy in cardiovascular medicine.

This book will be of interest to healthcare students, physicians in training, and clinicians, as well as pharmacists providing cardiovascular care.

This is a comprehensive source of information on medications used for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. After a brief review of clinical pharmacology, chapters are divided into segments that cover mechanism of action, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and appropriate use of each drug class. The book offers information on medications that are currently used and new drugs in development, as well as alternative and complementary medications currently used by prescribers. The appendix offers practical information for prescribing drugs in specific patient populations.

In a very concise format, this book provides a detailed assessment of the molecular biology, pharmacokinetics, and use of drug therapy in cardiovascular disease.