EP: Getting Started


EP: Getting Started

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Editor: Mark Sweesy, James Holland
Publisher: Arrhythmia Technologies
Published 2012-10
Spiral Bound
ISBN: 9781479349593

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EP: Getting Started is 9 chapters, 130 pages, in full color, and very visual. It is an update on the Basic Clinical Electrophysiology book. This new edition contains two new chapters, new figures, and case studies. The book is spiral bound so that pages open flat, which makes it possible to go through the case studies with calipers, etc.

Table of Contents: 

1. Underlying EP Principles
2. Mechanisms for Tachyarrhythmias
3. Reentrant Tachycardias
4. Cardiac Mapping
5. Cardiac Ablation Procedures
6. Atrial Fibrillation
7. Ventricular Tachycardia
8. EP Case Studies
9. EP Review Questions