Essentials of Echocardiography: An Illustrative Guide

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Essentials of Echocardiography: An Illustrative Guide

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Editor: Mark Harry, Tess Behrends
Publisher: Cardiac Ultrasound Consulting     
Published 2013-07    
Spiralbound, 233 pages
ISBN: 9780989428002

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The 4th edition of Essentials of Echocardiography includes all of the great illustrative information from the 3rd edition with the addition of case based illustrative protocols as part of each chapter and a new image based pathology chapter with images from actual cases. The 4th edition is now in full color, and has been reformatted into a reader-friendly double column layout.

Essentials of Echocardiography combines the content of Mark Harry's earlier books, The Cardiac Doppler Hemodynamic Workbook and The Basic Echocardiography Workbook, into one illustrative guide. This text includes a basic overview of instrumentation, cardiac anatomy, M-mode, 2D, and Doppler principles. In addition, there are chapters on how to estimate: cardiac pressures, aortic stenosis severity, aortic regurgitation severity, mitral stenosis severity, mitral regurgitation severity and LV diastolic filling.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Basic Anatomy & Physiology
Chapter 2: Basic Cardiac Ultrasound Instrumentation
Chapter 3: Formulas and Methods
Chapter 4: Creating a Hemodynamic Profile
Chapter 5: Illustrated Adult Echo Protocol
Chapter 6: Aortic Stenosis
Chapter 7: Aortic Regurgitation
Chapter 8: Sub-Aortic Stenosis
Chapter 9: Mitral Stenosis
Chapter 10: Mitral Regurgitation
Pathology Glossary