Introductory Guide to Cardiac Catheterization


Introductory Guide to Cardiac Catheterization

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Editors: Arman T Askari and Medhi H Shishehbor
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Published 2010-09
ISBN: 9781605478852

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Updated for its Second Edition, Introductory Guide to Cardiac Catheterization is an easy-to-follow "how-to" guide to diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac catheterization. This pocket-sized, concise manual presents practical pointers, tips, ACC/AHA guidelines, and highlighted clinical pearls and includes troubleshooting sections that provide solutions to frequently encountered problems. Numerous illustrations demonstrate the complex procedures now being performed via the catheter. This edition has a section on complications in each chapter, a new chapter on peripheral angiography, and a new question-and-answer review chapter. Other highlights include new safety precautions and updates on novel closure devices.

Table of Contents:

1: Pre-Procedural Evaluation
Bethany A. Austin

2: Setting up the Lab
Matthew Kaminski

3: Native Coronary Angiography
Stephen Gimple, Niranjan Seshadri, Robert Hobbs, and Sorin J. Brener

4: Bypass Graft Angiography
Kellan E. Ashley

5: Left Ventriculography and Aortography
Mateen Akhtar and Frederick Heupler

6: Cerebral and Peripheral Angiography
Inder M. Singh, Steven J. Filby, and Mehdi Shishehbor

7: Hemodynamics in the Cath Lab
Brian W. Hardaway, W.H. Wilson Tang, and Frederick Heupler

8: Approach to the High-Risk Patient
Daniel J. Cantillon

9: Hemostatic Devices
James E. Harvey and A. Michael Lincoff

10: Post-Cath
Ryan Christofferson

11: Study Questions