The Echo Manual, 4th Edition

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The Echo Manual Cover.jpg

The Echo Manual, 4th Edition

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Editors: Jae K. Oh; Garvan C. Kane; James B. Seward; A. J Tajik, MD
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9781496312198
Published 2018-11

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Ideal for residents, fellows, and others who need a comprehensive, clinically focused understanding of echocardiography, The Echo Manual, 4th Edition, has been thoroughly revised with updated information, new chapters, and new video clips online. Written primarily by expert authorities from the Mayo Clinic, this best-selling reference remains a practical guide to the performance, interpretation, and clinical applications of today’s echocardiography.

  • Features all-new chapters specifically devoted to 3D echo, interventional echocardiography, and hand-carried ultrasound.

  • Includes new echo videos that provide a valuable learning experience of echocardiography in motion.

  • Provides a concise, user-friendly summary of techniques, diagnostic criteria, and quantitative methods for echocardiography, Doppler echocardiography, and transesophageal echocardiography.

  • Presents complex material in an approachable, visually appealing manner that focuses on the clinical application of echocardiography as a diagnostic tool.

  • Covers the latest techniques, standards, and applications – all highlighted by more than 900 high-quality, annotated images that are true to gray scale and color.