Videos from ECG Masters Collection, Volume 1

Video 13B.5.1

Short axis shows concentric LVH

Video 13B.5.2

Long axis 3-chamber view shows concentric LVH and pronounced apical hypertrophy consistent with apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Video 13B.6.1

Short axis of mild left ventricular hypertrophy

Video 13B.6.2

Long axis 3-chamber view of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Video 13E.3.1

Apical, three-chamber view echocardiogram showing akinesis in the mid to distal anteroseptum and apex

Video 13E.3.2

Enlarged view of Video 13E.3.1

Video 13E.3.3

Coronary angiogram

Video 13E.3.4

Right coronary

Video 13E.3.5

Left coronary

Video 15.6.1

Echocardiogram showing LVEF of 74% with mild concentric LVH

Video 15.6.2

MRI, 4-chamber view