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Videos from Hands-On Ablation: The Experts Approach 

Video 5.9

Propagation sequence of periannular AT in a lateral tunnel Fontan, companion to Figures 5.6 and 5.14 (Panel A). Mapping has only been performed in the systemic venous side of the baffle but shows that the circuit must implicitly traverse the pulmonary venous portion of the atrium located between the right-sided AV groove and the margin of the intra-atrial baffle. 

Video 14.2

A "fly-through" left atrium CT reconstruction. 

Video 19.1

Double transseptal puncture guided by fluoroscopy and TEE. 

Video 25.1

Four PV geometries acquired by the spiral catheter (grey) are fused with the 3-dimensional reconstructed
CT data (dark red shell). The decapolar diagnostic catheter is placed in the CS (yellow). The roving ablation catheter is displayed with a green tip and is used for approval of the registration. 

Video 28.2

Wavefront dynamics during atrial fibrillation from simultaneous right atrial Ensite array in paroxysmal AF. The high-DF region was compatible with small-radius reentry in the right atrial posterior wall, and linear ablation connecting the conduction channels successfully eliminated and prevented further induction of AF. 

Video 30.4

Map generation using the circular catheter as seen on fluoroscopy.

Video 49.1

Video 49.1 Endocardial bipolar voltage map in ARVCM/D that showed limited low voltage abnormalities at the basal inferior tricuspid annular area.