HOA Video 30.1 Transseptal puncture on fluoroscopy
HOA Video 30.2 Transseptal puncture in ICE.
HOA Video 30.3 Map generation as seen on the electroanatomic mapping system.
HOA Video 30.4 Map generation using the circular catheter as seen on fluoroscopy.
HOA Video 30.5 Operator at consolidated console. The vector and catheter advancing movements can be seen in the lower left.
HOA Video 30.6 View of entire consolidated console screen during ablation.
HOA Video 30.7 Looping of the catheter and directing the tip toward the right side.
HOA Video 30.8 Phrenic nerve stimulation seen on fluoroscopy from high output pacing at the lateral SVC.
HOA Video 40.1 Activation map of RVOT PVC. Right anterior oblique (left) and posteroanterior (right) views of the RVOT display the anterior free wall as the site of origin of this PVC. The red asterisk denotes the tracking virtual, which is displayed in VEGM form in the inset at the bottom right of the display.
HOA Video 40.2 Activation sequence of the VT described in the Figure 40.9 legend.
HOA Video 40.3 Activation sequence of the VT described in the Figure 40.10 legend. Note the diastolic activation of the scar area prior to the onset of the surface QRS.
HOA Video 40.4 Activation sequence of the paced wave front as it travels through a gap in the ablation line, as described in the Figure 40.12 legend.