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Thank you for your interest in Cardiotext Publishing.

We work closely with our authors to develop quality books of enduring value by collaborating and offering direction on book development and project management at a level as detailed and involved as you wish, ranging from the best submission process for you and any co-authors, to guidance on editing, to discussing the interior and cover design. Please contact us for further information and we look forward to how to best publish your work.

Please include the following information in your proposal:

  • the name(s) of the author(s) or editor(s) (for multiauthor project) and contact information, including mailing address, e-mail address, and phone numbers
  • curriculum vitae of the author(s) or editor(s)
  • for a multiauthor volume, a list of proposed contributors (this need not be complete or finalized)
  • the project's working title
  • an abstract (5-7 sentences) of the project's contents
  • the approximate length in manuscript pages (12 pt. Times New Roman, double spaced) or number of words
  • if a manuscript is complete, two sample chapters and an annotated table of contents (summarize each chapter or section)
  • if a manuscript is in process, an outline, including a draft table of contents
  • if the project updates a previously published work, a copy of the most recent edition and an outline of the proposed updates
  • the proposed medium of the project: book, electronic product (eBook, website, etc.), or combination
  • special features of the project:
    • illustrations, including tables, charts, photos, other graphics: approximate number of each type and source (e.g., published work, author-created, in need of creation by graphic artist)
    • unique information and/or perspective
    • interactive features, video clips, etc. digital products
  • market/audience of the project (please be as specific as possible)
  • the titles of major competing books or other products and how your project differs from and improves on the competition

please Send your proposal by mail or email to:

        Mike Crouchet, President
        Cardiotext Publishing
        3405 W. 44th St
        Minneapolis, MN
        [mike.crouchet at cardiotext.com]

If you have questions about these guidelines, please contact Mike Crouchet at +1 (612) 925-2053 or [mike.crouchet at cardiotext.com].